Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dinner Fail

Yesterday I tried to get away with some fru-fru food for dinner. Teriyaki burgers with mango pineapple salsa. I had some ripe mangoes and a fresh pineapple; why not give it a go?

Because I'm married to a manly man, that's why not. With the notable exception of pineapple ham pizza, fruit belongs in desserts and meat belongs in... meat.

Suspiciously eyeing the mango pineapple salsa: "What do you do with this stuff?"

"You put it on the burger."

"To eat?"

"That's the idea."

I thought it was pretty good, actually. It wasn't a "let's eat this every week," but it was a "nice Summery meal."

My darling, on the other hand, ate with the same resigned look on his face as when my niece put a flower ribbon in his hair. Of course he would never complain!

"The buns and meat are really good. And I like mangoes." (There's a non-sequitur for you).

Thankfully there was pumpkin roll for dessert.


Maria said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAH!!! He's so diplomatic. That's darling.

Cathy LeBlanc said...

yeah, "chic food", as my husband likes to say, rarely gets more than a "eh, it'll eat" comment from my husband. But, that's ok! He won't actually complain, either. I guess since most nights I try to keep him happy in the dinner department, he doesn't mind me throwing in a girly dish here and there =) And, actually, once he actually conceded defeat and liked what I fixed! I probably shouldn't out him for this, but I made some of those tortilla roll up thingies, that you slice and make little appetizers out first he was all "what is this?", but then when I offered him a few with some salsa, he ate the whole bag of them (the ones I didn't need for my party, anyway), and said they were good. They didn't even have meat in them! Go figure...

Nadja said...

My problem early in my marriage wasn't what I made, but how much. Coming from a family that consisted of my mom, my sister and myself, I would make a recipe that said, "Serves 4" and take that literally. Of course, I had one serving,and he ate the other three in one sitting, and would say, "That's really good; can I have some more?" He had a lot of PB&J sandwiches after dinner the first year or so...

Unknown said...

there is NO way my hubby would eat a mango, especially on a burger. Meat is meat, dessert is chocolate, and fruit is girl food.

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