Thursday, January 20, 2011

Needles, Facades, and $$


1. The Christmas tree needles are vacuumed up and are now a thing of the past. Our living room smells piney fresh, and I can walk around barefooted again.

2. My living room and kitchen are also spotless. Yes, I threw all of the clutter into the bedroom when unexpected company announced they were 4 minutes away, but I'm totally dominating the facade of togetherness right now.

3. We made our first $2 on chicken eggs!! Our neighbor requested a dozen after we gave her a dozen. At this rate, we should recoup our investment in about... 37 years (adjusted for inflation), but considering we didn't get the chickens to make money in the first place, this is pretty sweet!

Bonus 4th: I honed my fledgling Photoshop skillz and made a new background for my Twitter page, and a new profile image for Facebook. I'm rather pleased with both, actually.

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