Thursday, January 27, 2011

Small Successes: Chicken Edition


1. I made three pounds of ground beef jerky last night in my new dehydrator. It was a failure in that I slept through the alarm that told me when to shut off the dehydrator. Can you say... beef sawdust? But the success was that it was my first use of the Excalibur, and gives me hope and confidence for future endeavors! (And my husband claims to like to the crunchy concoction, so all is not lost).

2. The chickens are free!! Well, they're not exactly free-ranging it, but with the coyote population around here, it's a darned good thing for them that they're not. They're in their spacious new husband-built movable chicken pen, eating fresh grass each day and turning out eggs like little clucking factories.

3. Speaking of chickens, I stretched the leftover chicken wings out for three lunches. Could I have eaten them in one sitting? Most definitely. Did I? No. That's self-restraint of epic proportions right there, y'all.


marie said...

Very cool! We plan on getting a dehydrator here soon..Need to research them..
A fox got 9 of our ten chickens the other night..Sooooo sad! We saw her after, so we know it was a fox...So, now, we are getting a dog, and more chickens!

JJ's Mom said...

Great successes! We're addicted to our dehydrator! Jerkey, dried fruit, fruit leather....we love it all.

marie said...

LOL! That's so funny! My hubby was looking at that very one..My brother bought one, and I know he researched it to the hilt, so it must be good!
And we will be getting pullets. They are about 3 months old..She's so lonely, I feel so bad for her!

Farmer's City Wife said...

Oh my gosh, Marie, that's awful!! That would about break my heart!! The poor
lone survivor.

Will you raise chicks or get some pullets or hens?
(Btw, I'd put in a plug for the Excalibur if you're planning on doing any
serious dehydrating. The thing's a workhorse!)

Farmer's City Wife said...

I can't wait until the bounty of the Summer harvest starts pouring in :-D.
Do you have a good jerky recipe? Ours was a little flat this time.

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