Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Three Easy Super Bowl Wings Recipes

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We don't have a TV.

For about 359* days of the year, I really don't care. In fact, I'm glad we don't have one; it saves us hours of mindless (and perhaps offensive) entertainment, encourages us to converse and pursue hobbies, and saves us a monthly cable bill. 

But I do miss TV for the Triple Crown of horse racing. My dad used to be a racehorse trainer, so we take the Derby very seriously in my family.

I miss it at Christmastime when they play It's A Wonderful Life. Yes I have it on DVD, but there are no commercial interruptions right after Mr. Potter does his dastardly deed! Where's the fun in that? You get a whole 90 seconds to mutter about what a mean awful man he is before returning to the action.

And I miss the MDA Telethon. Something about Jerry Lewis singing "You'll  Never Walk Alone" while the toteboard tallies up the new pledge total... okay, I'm weird.

And finally... Super Bowl Sunday. I tried to watch the Saints dominate last year on some illegal stream on a hacker's website. It worked, but I'm afraid my computer has never been the same, and I had a grimy feeling the whole time.

None of this is enough to convince us to buy a TV, but it does kind of smart on those six days a year. So to fight the no-tube blues, this year, I'm still going to make Super Bowl food while cheering for the Steelers. I did a little trial run this week for the Steelers/Jets game at my Aunt's house (to the tune of 10 pounds of wings), and the results were amazing.

The best part of all of them: they are oven baked, not fried. I love frying food, but when doing it in large quantities, it can get very tedious and very hot. The result is still breaded, crispy and delicious, but a lot easier.

All three recipes today come from Chef John of Foodwishes.com. His recipes are always awesome, but sometimes he's about PG rated, which I don't appreciate for recipes, so use caution when navigating there.

Sticky Spicy Orange Chicken Wings

Click here for the recipe.

My Notes: Definitely add some ginger, some garlic, and after you've coated the wings add some chopped green onions and toasted sesame seeds.

Spicy Sweet Honey Mustard Wings

Click here for the recipe.

My Notes: I used brown mustard instead of Dijon ('cause it's what I had) and they were still awesome!

Original Buffalo Wings Recipe

Click here for the recipe.

Notes: Absolute perfection. Pass the blue cheese dressing.

What have you made, lately?

*I also really miss the Olympics, but the mystique has been taken away in the last decade since they post the results online before the competitions even take place.

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