Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Keepin' It Real

Tasty Tuesday
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Well, as anyone who follows me on Facebook or Twitter knows, I had a pretty rotten day in the kitchen yesterday.

First I attempted to make whole wheat flour tortillas. ICK! They didn't puff up at all in the pan, and they ended up as crispy as crackers. I saved some of them to use as crackers, actually, but it was a definite kitchen fail.

Then I tried to make hummus. Cooks Illustrated (a.k.a. America's Test Kitchen) has never once failed me in all of the years I've made their recipes. But this one was a real loser AND a gigantic waste of roasted garlic! That was the real tragedy. I could down roasted garlic by the squishy caramely toe (actually that makes it sound kinda gross), but the roasted goodness got lost in the resulting paste that tasted like mealy peanut butter. Too much tahini! A kind reader posted a recipe on Facebook that I intend to try after I've finished making PBJ sandwiches out of this guck.

So life here in the Farmer's City Wife's kitchen is not all glory and roses. And it also leaves me without a photographed recipe for today's Tasty Tuesday post.

But all is not lost. I started some chicken stock last night that is looking glorious this morning, so we should have a great chicken soup tonight.

Please share some of your kitchen successes!

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