Monday, November 7, 2011

Jersey Fever

Oh goodness, people.

We sold Ofelia about 10 days ago for a fraction of what we paid for her.

"It was a good lesson" we reminded ourselves over and over again. What the lesson was, I'm not quite sure, but it was a good one nonetheless.

Just as we were happily settling down to our carefree and easy cowlessness, SHE came along.

She's very reasonably priced.

And she's currently producing milk. An actual honest to goodness lactating milk cow! Imagine that!

We haven't handed over any checks, signed any papers, dotted any i's or crossed any t's, but my husband didn't out and out say "No!" either. We're ruminating over it, so to speak.

Here we go again?


Jennie C. said...

Careful.  There's a reason they're selling her. 

Farmer's City Wife said...

That was probably the lesson we learned last time... or something like it :). Maybe we need a refresher...

Agnes said...

make sure she's a nice girl at milking...doesn't kick, etc. Some jerseys can be sooooo sweet, and others, well, my sister had one she named Nanci Pelosi, for a reason..

Farmer's City Wife said...

*sigh* they sold her already :( (but that's hilarious, hehehe)

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