Friday, November 11, 2011

Why Banks Need Human Brains

When I went to the bank recently, they offered me a credit card.

Normally I say "no thanks," but in a moment of insanity, I accepted.

A week later, I received in the mail an invitation to sign up for the very credit card I'd just gotten, except with a $300 bonus. "Holy cow, $300 is nothing to sneeze at!" I thought. "It'd hurt my credit score to cancel the card I just got, but for $300 bucks I'm willing." But as I usually do, I sat on it for a few weeks.

Then I received another invitation in the mail for the same card.

Then another.

And another. And another. And another. All for the same card. All with the $300 sign-on bonus.

By now I had six invitations. All on high gloss paper with six high gloss color inserts. Each invitation must have cost them $5+ in printing fees.

So I sent in the darned application.

Yesterday I received two envelopes in the mail. The first:

"After careful consideration, we've decided to reject your application because you already have this card."

In the second:

"If you sign up today, you'll receive a $300 bonus!"


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