Friday, February 5, 2010

Geaux Saints!

I live in the NW... which is very far from the Gulf Coast. I can't get crawfish. I can't get real oysters. I can't get Gulf shrimp. I can't get okra. (Salmon on the other hand? Mm hm). So I can't make a decent po'boy, muffaletta, gumbo or crawfish boil.

Most of my extended family lives in Louisiana. I was born (but not raised) in Slidell, LA. By blood I'm a Creole (French/Spanish, as opposed to Cajun which is straight French) girl through and through.

So come Sunday, I'd better not see a shade of blue, even in my peripheral vision. Black and gold all the way, baby!

Who dat!? Geaux Saints!!

"Creole" Chicken Poppers
I put "Creole" in quotes because this isn't really Creole. You can't just put Tony Chac on something and christen it "Creole," but these are really tasty nonetheless. And it's about the best I can do in the NW!

1. Cover chicken tenders in buttermilk; marinate overnight (or at least several hours).
2. Mix 2 parts flour with 1 part corn starch (corn starch makes it crispy) and some generous dashes of Tony Chach. Mix well with a fork.
3. Coat chicken tenders in the flour; tap to remove excess flour.
4. Sprinkle one drop of water into the oil; if it pops and spatters then it's hot enough (if it's too cold you'll have greasy chicken). Put chicken in without overcrowding the pan (you'll probably have to do several batches but you can skip the pre-game coverage... these'll be worth it). If it starts to turn dark brown immediately then the oil is too hot, drop the temperature a little. ONLY FLIP ONCE. When they're nicely browned on each side, remove and sprinkle with a little more Tony Chach.
5. Repeat over and over in your most trash talk voice, "Who dat? Who dat? Geaux Saints!"

I'll also be making crab and caramelized onion stuffed mushrooms, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, chicken enchilada roll-ups and Swedish meatballs (sorry, no recipe on this one yet, just mouthwatering pictures).

And no Super Bowl party would be complete without chips and dips:

Free Friday continues --get a free bag of tortilla chips this Sunday (you don't have to pay so it's not "shopping on Sunday") at On the Border.


Cathy LeBlanc said...

Those sound really good! I live not too far from Slidell, so I do love me some Tony's =) I was born and raised in the Acadiana area. I just love my Cajun heritage! I'm not a pure Cajun, though...I've got some German in me on my grand-mother's side. And On the Border makes THE best chips! I'm addicted. love your site!

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

Sounds good! We eat a lot of creole because my family is from Arkansas. Hope you're enjoying the super bowl!

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