Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Non-Paid Infomercial

When I lived in the city and had TV reception and spent many a happy Sunday afternoon lazing about with my siblings, we used to watch infomercials.

Other people turn them off in frustration. We gloried in them. Clean entertainment that wasn't animated!

Not just any infomercials, mind you. I mean, exercise equipment? Immodest! 52 ladders in one? Not so much. Vacuum cleaners? BORING. But you give us an infomercial with a kitchen gadget... Chef Tony doing the Miracle Blade, Ron Popiel with his Showtime Rotisserie, Jack LaLanne's Juicer, the NuWave Oven, XPress Redi-Set-Go!? We'd be entertained over and over again. George Foreman got his grill started on infomercials, you know. (Additionally, Time Life Music Collection infomercials were also a big hit.)

There is one infomercial that stands out, though, as perhaps the best. The Magic Bullet. (Part 1, Part 2) It has class, wit, charm, shock and awe wonder, and just the perfect amount of cheesiness.

My husband wants one, I think. Since introducing him to the infomercial, he's asked me on several occasions, "you think that Magic Bullet could do that?" Hm...

Anyway, I mention all of this not to show you how weird and entertainment-starved I was, but to point out that there's a recipe they show that I'd really like to try.

Peppermint Chocolate Chocolate Chip Shakes

1 handful hard peppermint candies
1 or 2 chocolate bars
1 giant giant squeeze of chocolate syrup
1 behemoth glob of vanilla ice cream
1 generous splash of cream

Put all of the ingredients (in that order) into your blender and mix 'em up.

I'm not sure how it'll taste, but I want one every time I see that infomercial. And uh... you don't need to know how often that is.

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Anonymous said...

its KB, I love the magic bullet as well. me and my brother use to watch it in the morning sometimes.

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