Friday, February 26, 2010

Breakfast of Champions?

My husband and I (or rather, I did and kinda dragged him into it) gave up meat for Lent. He's feelin' the loss keenly, I think. For a farmer, each and every meal should and, I daresay, must have the flesh of a once-living animal in it.

Breakfast? Bacon, sausage, breakfast pork chops or occasionally steak. Lunch and dinner? Meat of any variety, preferably the medium rare kind, will do.

The first week went rather well, I thought. Penne with asparagus, mushrooms and feta cheese... roasted vegetable lasagna... baked potatoes and a salad with all the works... and I tried to replace the loss of animal flesh with fish each night. I was beginning to feel like our sacrificial Lent was too soft. I wasn't feeling the pain too much. My husband never complained.

But then it happened. Yesterday, I saw my "animal flesh at every meal" husband eating tuna straight from the can.  

For breakfast. 

I'd better make sure to get in my order for that Easter ham.
Free Friday continues

Today only, Starbucks is giving out free "peeled snacks."

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