Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Adventures in Breadmaking

My new rite of initiation into country living is breadmaking. No self-respecting farmer's wife buys bread in these parts. She buys flour in bulk.

I'm scared to death.

My last attempt resulted in a tough little brick we chewed on for days. Even the ants wouldn't touch it. It takes so much time to make, and there's too much room for error!

Some of the classic steps that I find most *cough cough* helpful:
  • "Add 4-6 cups of flour." Um... there's a big difference between 4 and 6 cups!
  • "Knead until elastic and smooth but don't over-work the dough." How do I know when it's reached the perfect elasticity? If I keep going, I might over-knead!
  • "Let rise in a warm place until doubled in bulk." How warm is warm? Without taking a before and after picture, how can I tell when it's doubled?!
Despite the terror, I'm determined to learn. You see... my mother-in-law bakes. Enough said. I'm going to get it right even if I have to eat my weight in failures.

So... I set out to make this bread. I didn't want a sandwich loaf; I wanted a hearty bread that could stand up to my amazing pastas.

Though it was still a bit denser than I'd like...

it was so beautiful. I baked this, people!!

And best of all, my husband was proud of me :). *swoon and happy sigh* 'Twas all worth it.

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Kate said...

om nom nom! :3 looks tasty.

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