Monday, October 26, 2009

Twisty Turns

I was starting to get cabin fever last week. So, being the unbelievable man he is, my husband planned a surprise b-day trip for me :).

It started with an indescribably delightful trip to visit his sister... complete with a college volleyball game, grilled aged T-bones, pumpkin cake, clothes shopping and strawberry daiquiris.

Then eastern Oregon/western Idaho to see Hell's Canyon and Lake Wallowa.

It included roads like this...

Mm hm. And no guardrails. These weren't the steep cliffs with no guardrails; these were just the windy twisty roads.

Then we went through a tiny town:

And then... beauty and interesting-ness the likes of which I have never seen:

A massive flock of sheep! With bells on their necks! In front of a range of mountains.

They were walking towards us in droves.

I really liked the sheep.

But Lake Wallowa was pretty spectacular, too.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man! We have been there! I have driven those roads at all hours and it is not always fun! We did it once with a U-hail trailer, that was torture because we had to go so slow and the kids complained the whole way, lol. O have never been out that way this time of year, which I think would be so neat.
Whenever we travel out that way I always think of the pioneers traveling across that rugged terrain, beautiful in it's often times starkness. Sometimes all you have to do is go around one of those bends, though, and there is something amazing to behold.
Sounds like you had a great birthday!

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