Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Thought Indeed

I, like every other self-respecting human being, love A&E's rendition of Pride and Prejudice. I've spent about a week of my life, in those I-can't-even-rewind-this-tape-because-I-MUST-get-to-the-next-part 5 hour chunks, watching it again and again.

If you've been graced to see it, you'll "get" this post. If you haven't... go watch it, NOW (not the Kiera Waif-ly version, but the REAL one)!

So as I was dozing off to sleep last night...

Look what my husband built me!

Shelves in the closet!

Since it's Friday, there are two freebies for you. One of them requires you to put forth some effort, and the other doesn't.

On Halloween only, you can get a free Black Jack Taco after dark at Taco Bell (no effort, just show up after dark).

Also on Halloween, between the hours of 6pm and close, you can get a free Boo-rito at Chipotle. But it requires you to dress up like a burrito (or a bowl, or a taco).


Anonymous said...

For the free Chipotle burrito, as long as you have noticeable foil on your person somewhere, they'll accept that...just make yourself an easily removable foil cap ;)

Anonymous said...

As you are well aware, I too love the A & E Pride and Prejudice, so I was somewhat ashamed and alarmed when I could not immediately place the reference to "shelves in the closet." I thunk and thunk, and suddenly it came to me and I laughed right out loud.

Kate said...

shelves in the closet! XD haha i quote this to my sisters all the time.

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