Friday, October 23, 2009

Divine Help for Weight Loss

Hollywood secret weight-loss tips watch out! I've got a new weapon in my arsenal. (They sell out frequently but she re-stocks them frequently, too.)

My hips don't stand a chance against this kinda power.


Sorry I don't have any freebies this week. I try not to offer anything I don't order myself, and all they had available today were makeup samples (don't wear the stuff), PETA t-shirts (don't support the place!), and cheesy bumper stickers (junk).

Hopefully next week I can make it up to you :).


Gardenia said...

hi. i just found your blog recently. I've read through some of your posts, and laughed out loud at the post about your hubby's pouf. so cute. anyway, the etsy shop you posted to today -- I just ordered one of the medals -- the St Anne and got it. and it is darling. the 20 inch chain is just right. supposedly St Anne is the patron saint of mothers. some claim we don't know the Blessed virgin mother's true name. I love Anne just the same. you may want to check out the owner of the etsy shop on her blog if you don't know wabout her. It makes me love my faith more and more every time I read her --- a real stitch.
nice to meet you.

Kate said...

i'm in PETA: People who Eat Tasty Animals! XD ok, ok, lame and cliche, but what did you expect? you know you love me. :3

Farmer's City Wife said...

Hi Gardenia! I'm glad you enjoy my blog :). I love Sr. Mary Martha, she's a hoot!

Thanks for reading :).

MargueriteinMinnesota said...

Bwwwwwwwaaaaahahahahaha, love it! Poor St Thomas~~~

Farmer's City Wife said...

Yeah, I wonder if it's true about them cutting a circle in the table to accommodate his belly. I doubt it ;).

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