Saturday, October 17, 2009

Still Makes Me Laugh

A few months into our marriage, I noticed that I had never washed a face towel in the laundry. I don't really use them because I use a bath pouf. I like them because they exfoliate, conserve soap, and come in amazing bright colors.

My husband uses liquid soap too... but he has no pouf, and apparently wasn't using face towels either. Finally I confronted him on it.

He didn't see any great need to use a pouf, or a rag when plain old soap would do the trick. I don't always understand men. But, I offered him my pouf (it was starting to fall apart) and told him I was going to get a new one anyway. He accepted it lovingly but didn't look enthused.

Recently I was cleaning the bathroom and saw my old pouf lying in the bottom of the shower. It really did look tired and raggedy. My husband is a strong farmer; he's a manly man from head to toe... why did I think he'd use something girly like that? So I threw it away.

Imagine my surprise that night when from the shower I heard a yell. "Where's my pouf?"


Rachel said...

this was so hilarious! There's nothing worse than realizing (after you're already soaking wet) that you're missing something you usually have in the shower!)

bakerstreetrider said...

"It went poof!"

Anonymous said...

its KB again,

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