Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Germination. Germ-i-nation. That word perfectly describes what I think about getting my hands dirty in soil. There's a nation of germs, and "I" am in the center. Ew.

But I really want garden-fresh produce this Summer. I want to can and freeze my own home-grown stuff. I want to embrace the country life.

This I can handle. You pour some water into these little compressed peat mixtures and they puff up.

Drop in a few seeds.

Label the suckers.

And in 77 days I'll pick peppers and tomatoes, right?

I don't actually have a garden to put these in.

But I've got 6-8 weeks to worry about that.


Anonymous said...

Be patient! It will so be worth it! There is nothing so divine as a homegrown tomato warm from the sunshine! I am drooling just thinking about it.

Kate said...

God made dirt, dirt don't hurt. XD i spent most of my childhood covered in mud, and i like to think i turned out alright.

i don't know what kinds of bugs you have out there, but planting some herbs and flowers amongst your plants can make a huge difference. marigolds ward off beetles, as well as deer and rabbits, nasturtiums attract aphids to themselves (away from your veggies), basil will help keep hornworms away from your tomatoes, and parsley, dill, and parsnip will attract praying mantis and ladybugs. also, squash and pumpkins have large prickly leaves, so planting them around the perimeter of the garden will help keep animals out...they don't like to step on the leaves.

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