Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Chicken Fantasies

What's a farm without chickens? This week I intend to order some chicks from McMurray's Hatchery.

I meant to do it a few months ago, but I'm kind of... well... chicken.

You see, I think that I would be great at feeding them every day, and moving their pen around the yard, and checking for eggs twice a day.

But I'm not really that responsible. In my wildest imagination I am.

I can see myself now...

Louis Pierre Verwee (1807-1877, La Provende des Poules)
I'd look great in a bonnet.

Um... actually... when I imagine myself with chickens... this is more the image that comes to mind...

Lord Frederick Leighton (1830-1896, A Girl Feeding Peacocks)

I'm off to the grocery store... eggs are on sale.


bakerstreetrider said...

Lol! I love this post! Thanks for cheering up my day.

majellamom said...

I'm with you...I feel like I should have chickens...but I am not so sure that I'm responsible enough for them. Maybe when my oldest is a little older?

Anonymous said...

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