Monday, March 15, 2010

Painful Memory Aids

My nieces are trying to learn state capitols right now.

I'm all about memory devices. Give me a physical action or a mental image to go along with an otherwise unmemorable phrase, and I'll remember it for life.

We were going great guns 'til we got to Louisiana. Baton Rouge.

Hm... well, there are the words "bat," "on," and "rouge." So I made a swinging motion (for "bat"), slapped the table (for "on"), and patted my cheek for "rouge."

They were getting into it with a great gusto. Swinging, pounding, slapping and laughing. Geography never had it so good.

So I asked 'Stina Beana (2nd grade niece) what the capitol of Louisiana was.

With conviction and sincerity: "Baton Bruise."

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Cassidy said...

HAHAHA That's too funny. I was watching a friend's child at one point and was doing the Itsy-Bitsy Spider with her and my kids. Apparently she went home and started showing her mom, but the song had changed and it was now "The Itchy Bitchy Spider...."

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