Thursday, March 18, 2010

Small but not Trivial


1. Planted some seeds!! My dreams of becoming a successful square foot gardener are inching closer to reality.

2. Asked for help. WOW this is big. (I can still hear my own voice as a toddler, "I can do it myself!"... not much has changed since then in that regard).

3. Have established and used the spousal buddy system for getting to Mass. Each day on our calendar has my name or my husband's and we're responsible that day for waking each other up for Mass and then praying the Rosary. So far... 7 for 7!

Check out others' small successes and add your own this week at Faith & Family Live!


Rachel said...

What did you ask for help with?

Farmer's City Wife said...

LOL Rachel. If I'd've wanted you to know, I'd've written it in the post. :-p

Judy Dudich said...

GREAT successes!!!!!!!! WOW!
Your blog is SO lovely! I just LOVE it here!!!!
I am trying REALLY hard to be simply HAPPY for you that you got your seeds planted; rather than envious that I have NOT gotten that far yet...
::smiles and says: I'm happy for Farmer's City Wife, I'm happy for Farmer's City Wife...::
Thanks for visiting my blog today and I know this will be my first of many visits here!
God bless!

Marie said...

Asking for help is huge! I don't do that nearly often enough either. Way to go getting your garden started! I have hopes for this year but I need to get on the ball pretty soon...

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