Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Year in Review: 7 Links

The quirky perky hilariously fun blogging mama, Lisa, at All Things Gale recently tagged me in a "Year in Review" meme. It's a neat way to look back on the last year's worth of blogging and bring a few goodies out of the archives. But it also requires, by its nature, shameless self promotion.


Consider yourself warned.

Most Beautiful Post

Wow. What a tough one to start off with! There's a momentum killer for ya. I don't think I could describe any of my writing as "beautiful." And as awesome as my blueberry cheesecake ice cream looks, I'd hesitate to label it "beautiful" either. Sorry, y'all, I'm going to have to punt on this one (unless I can break the rules and go back further than one year to share the Timeless Litany... beautiful because it's a heartfelt prayer, not because of my writing).

Most Popular Post

Thanks to many people sharing it on Facebook and Twitter, the recent "Talking about Infertility: 7 Things Not to Say" has about three times more page hits than any other post on the blog. I'm truly grateful.

Most Controversial Post

Uuum... I try to steer clear of controversy when I can, but I think a few feathers were ruffled by the two-part series on "An Ugly but Real Look into Organic Farming." (Part 1 and Part 2)

Most Helpful Post

The 5 Tips for Perfect Flour Tortillas would have really helped me when I spent those years in the futile quest for flour tortilla perfection. I've been told it's helped others achieve culinary success, too. Yay!

Post Whose Success Surprised You

I really didn't want to publish the How NOT to Flirt post because, frankly, who wants to broadcast humiliating stories and unflattering pictures? But I'm glad I got over myself, 'cause many people could laugh and identify with it.

I also continue to be amazed by the buzz around Our Love Story. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. Speaking of which, I really do need to write the next part...

A Post You Didn't Feel Got the Attention It Deserved

Not gonna lie, I was kind of disappointed with the cool reception of the guest posts earlier this year. I thought they were great, and they certainly helped me out when my hands were acting funny.

Post You Are Most Proud Of

Well, I like relating a good story. So I enjoyed telling this one about my neighbor suspecting me of infidelity. Also, I'm still pretty impressed that these bagels turn out so deliciously authentic, and really? These penguin appetizers are still stinkin' adorable.

Alright, alright, enough about me! I need to challenge four of my favorite bloggers to do this post as well. I'd be delighted if they take me up on it:

1. The ever lovely Nadja at Patch O' Dirt Farm
2. Jennie C. at Far Beyond Pearls who felt the need to start a "who's the real farm wife" rivalry
3. Suzanne at Blessed Among Men (who doesn't know I exist, but who writes the first blog I ever read; the woman whose delightful anecdotes exemplify, palpably, the beauty and joy of motherhood)
4. Katie at Kitchen Stewardship (who also doesn't know I exist, but who is the first Catholic blogger from whom I learned about the Real Food movement in a non-threatening, non-condemning, non-better-than-thou way... and whose baby steps I'm trying to implement)


Sarah said...

Hi from Australia CW! I found your blog post over at Australian Catholic Families and I have been reading for about a month now. Your writing is very enjoyable and you've had me laughing out loud reading your love story. (chuckle to self recalling the chinking rosary beads in the moonlight... ha ha!). Keep up the writing! Sarah

Farmer's City Wife said...

All the way from Australia? Hello hello, Sarah!
Thanks so much for your kind encouraging comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed the love story (thus far) :-D.

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