Monday, January 11, 2010

Killing Me Softly

My new obsession is Garlic Triscuits and cottage cheese. The combo of those two textures and flavors is extraordinary. Salty crispy garlicy crunchy goodness + smooth tangy creamy amazingness = new favorite snack.

But I was reading the ingredients on the Garlic Triscuits and my heart fell. The handwriting of doom on the wall: "Monosodium Glutamate." The "deadly" MSG.

The stuff has been banned from our household. If you need a mental image of the ferocity with which my husband and I reject the stuff, think of how a mob of 1st grade boys would treat a spying little sister trying to get into their clubhouse. Mm hm.

MSG is in just about everything. And among a million other things, it supposely triggers something in your brain to make you want to eat more. Which might explain why I can't stay out of those things.

So... cottage cheese on a spoon? Hm... thanks, but I think I'll pass.


Holly said...

omgosh... that's my FAVORITE I used to eat it all the time!! thanks for telling me about the MSG.. I never knew it did that! I'll look out for it whenever I go label searching.

Anonymous said...

That is so scary!!! I love Triscuits, guess I know why! I didn't know abut the MSG thing. Makes me what to look on labels even more than I do!

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