Friday, January 29, 2010

Strings Attached Relationships

I find it so funny...

As a kid, if you tried these shenanigans you'd be called on it for sure.

But big companies can get away with it.

"If you be my friend, I'll give you treats."

It's kind of creepy, actually.

The new trend for free stuff is, "If you join our 'fan page' on Facebook or join our fan club, we'll give you free stuff."

If you're not truly a fan, don't do it. You're like that grubby kid who only befriended the rich kids 'cause he wanted stuff.

So examine your motives, get in touch with your conscience, and if you really approve of these places and want free stuff.... let Free Friday continue =).

1. Join the DQ Blizzard Fan Club and get 6 "buy one get one free" Blizzard coupons.

2. Get a free Fresco taco at Taco Bell, no strings attached!

3. Get a free Cream of Wheat sample, no strings attached!

4. Get free Chips and Queso (within 2 days of signing up) by joining Chili's E-Club.

5. Fan Del Taco and get free chicken tacos, free shake and coupons.

6. Join Mimi's club and get a free breakfast.

7. Free smoothie or Orange Julius when you join their Quench Club.

Have a nice weekend!

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Jen and Eric said...

Oh, if only our town was big enough to have these places! Enjoy 'em for us!!

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