Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Little Ironic

Our new computer came with a Norton Anti-Virus 30 day trial. Every time I would log onto the computer, the annoying (un-"x"-able) popup would come: "Do you want to activate your product now?" "Remind me later."

Well, "later" to Norton is about 5 minutes.

Finally, after weeks of this curse, I clicked, "Activate Now."

And it left me alone!! For exactly 3 days.

After that it popped up every time, "You only have 27 days remaining of your free trial. Purchase now, or remind me later?"

I thought if I had 27 more days of that mosquito I'd rather have a virus. So I uninstalled the whole thing, intending to download Avast or AVG or another freeware program... but of course I didn't.

Now? I have a malicious virus and will most likely have to reinstall Windows (losing all my files).

Suddenly that un-"x"-able box wouldn't be so annoying. Now would be a good time to remind me to activate and upgrade, Norton.


Anonymous said...

if you download avg or avast you should still be able to get rid of the virus through that program rather than reinstalling windows.

Rachel said...

Hey! I highly recommend (if you haven't done this already) to get on another computer, and download the free download from - it helped me get rid of a nasty set of viruses!

Most likely you'll have to download it on to a jump / flash drive and then install it on the infected comp; most viruses these days are sophisticated enough to block you from accessing sites with software that can disable them.

Good Luck!

Farmer's City Wife said...

If only it were that simple :(. The computer won't boot at all (even in Safe Mode, or in System Restore mode). There are "fatal" errors, and the blue screen of death.

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