Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tiniest of Successes This Week


1. Inspired by this post I prayed with my niece before teaching her how to add with regrouping. What would normally have been a nightmare turned into a delightful experience. She got it right away!

2. Went another week without grocery shopping. Though it's more out of laziness than economy, it did allow me to get a bit more creative and utilize the pantry.

3. Covered the parish office (phones, visitors, regular duties) whilst the secretary was on vacation; talk about stress! But so far this week, so good.

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Anonymous said...

We start our mornings with prayer too. I prefer to do a rosary, but some mornings we only get in an OUr Father and a Saint Michael. It doesn't always make things go perfectly, but helps center us for our day with God in our hearts!!

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