Friday, January 22, 2010

Today's Project, Again

It seems like no matter how quickly I make applesauce (from these apples), we are always out. I made a gallon of it last week and we're already scraping the bottom of the bowl!

French Kitchen, by Meadow Gist.

It might be time to invest in a peeler/corer (though I really want one of these).

Ridiculously Easy Freezer Apple Sauce:

Apples (you'd be surprised... it takes about 10-15 large apples to make 1 qt.)

1. Peel/slice/core apples, throw 'em in a huge pot, add a little water (optional).
2. Cook over medium/low heat until they're all squishy, sweet and caramely. Stir occasionally.
3. Add cinnamon and sugar to taste... actually I didn't put any sugar in the last batch -- it was sweet enough.
4. Store in your old yogurt or cottage cheese quart containers (or serve warm with vanilla ice cream).
5. Wonder how two people can go through a gallon of applesauce in one week.
Free Friday:

Get a free Fresco taco from Taco Bell! These actually look pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

I have a peeler/corer that I have never even taken out of the box (I will get to it someday...) but I use my stoneware on an almost daily basis. I have stoneware bread pans and mini loaf pans, but the most versatile pieces are a large jelly roll pan (you can use it to bake bread, cookies, pizzas, fries, sheet cakes, and so much more! The large baking area of a pizza stone is great, but the low sides on this pan make it much more versatile.) and a circular pan with taller sides (kind of like a cake pan - I use it to do everything from specialty rice crust pizzas to roasting chickens). Mine are Pampered Chef - they were expensive, but I love them. (Plus I think I used my show discount when I threw Katie & Peggy their bridal shower shows, which certainly helps with the cost)
By the way, I love reading your blog!

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