Friday, January 8, 2010

Vanity, Oh Vanity

Last night I wanted to make my husband something hearty and delicious using ground meat. Meatloaf, meatballs, hamburgers.... anything with a good brown gravy and mashed potatoes. He'd been pruning the orchard all day in the wintry cold, and I knew he'd enjoy a hot and hearty meal.

But there was a problem.

One of the teens in the youth group came over for breakfast and did my nails. It was the first time in my life I've ever had my nails painted and decal-ed... and I liked them (you can tell from how short my nails are that I use my hands a lot for practical stuff).

I spent much of the day looking at them.

I didn't want to chip the beauty get nail polish in the ground meat.

So I made dinner from a box.

Well... dinner was okay but afterwards I had to face reality. I washed the pots and pans.

And my nails are shot. Serves me right.

Free Friday returns.

In the interest of New Years resolutions which might include organizing, get some free Post-It Durable Tab Samples.

Then there's one for free baby wipes... but it requires going to Sams and taking a picture. See this link for details.


Nadja said...

Thank you for this post...after seeing all the delicious things you cook up for your man, I was beginning to feel like a bum...! So glad you occasionally cook things from a box!

Thanks, too, for the freebies.

Rachel said...

Another thing you could post for a free friday: Starbucks gives away little cards with a free music download from ITunes with a new song each week! Sometimes they're a bit weird; sometimes, they're pretty good (They Had Andrea Bocelli's Silent Night a few weeks ago!)

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